Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

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Portal Defenders: Fast Break!
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Portal Defenders: Fast Break! Overview


Portal Defenders: Fast Break is a brand new basketball game online with a retro look and design, but it is also focused on characters from Newgrounds, such as Pico and his friends, Madness Combat characters, and even Boyfriend from FNF! We will now tell you how to shoot hoops with them, so you can start having fun at once!

Play Fast Break Basketball with the Portal Defenders!

Use A to pass or call on a teammate, S to shoot, and D for turbo. You need to plug in two gamepads in case you want to play the game in the 2 players mode.

Other than that, the game is a straight-up basketball court game, where you play mostly on street courts, where you have to shoot more hoops and score more points than the other team before the time is granted for it runs out on you.

The teams will be comprised out of two characters each, so pick your two desired ones, and then start the matches, winning one after another until you become champions. We're sure you've got it, so let the fun start, and we hope you don't stop here, since more fun is right around the corner!

How to play?

Use A, S, D.

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