Dragon Ball Z: The Legendary Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z: The Legendary Saiyan

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Dragon Ball Z: The Legendary Saiyan
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Dragon Ball Z: The Legendary Saiyan Overview


Dragon Ball Z: The Legendary Saiyan is yet another DBZ fighting game online, made similarly to Mugen games of the past, which you can now enjoy on your browsers from both computers or mobile devices, added here after so many similar games in the past had been received extraordinarily well by the boys and men of our website, as anime games are nothing to scoff at, and they are even better when they feature these characters that have influenced multiple generations over the years!

Become The Legendary Saiyan of Dragon Ball Z!

If you choose to play in the story mode, you will have to fight against a range of aliens, humans, and other beings in the pursuit of Cell, who has become perfect in all skills, and he is the ultimate villain you have to take out in this game.

The combat mode features you fighting against the computer or against another player in one-on-one fights to the death, where you win a match if you have won two out of three rounds.

Finally, there is the championship mode, which has a bracket system. Defeat one foe, and then advance to the next round, until you reach the cup finals, where defeating your final opponent gives you the title of champion and legendary Sayan!

Your favorite characters are here in this game for you to become and assume the role of, from Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Krillin, Cell, Freeza, Android 18, Gohan, Yamcha, and many more!

To win the fights you need to deplete the opponent's health bar to zero, all the while you are careful not to have it done to you first, in which case you are the loser.

Move using the ARROW Keys, use A to jump, S to punch, X to kick, D to accelerate or decelerate, and C for a special attack. If you want to use the Kamehameha, the special power of Goku, charge up enough power and press Z to use it!

Go forwards in the menu with Z, and go backward with X. Good luck, have incredible fights to get your action on, and when done, feel confident to check out more of the games we're bringing you here today for free!

How to play?

Use the arrows, A, S, D, C, Z, X keys.

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