Pokemon Fire Ash

Pokemon Fire Ash

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Pokemon Fire Ash
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Pokemon Fire Ash Overview


Pokemon Fire can now be played on our website in the Ash Version, as we're talking about a remake, a Rom Hack of this game where Ash becomes the central protagonist, as he tries to take over a region of predominantly fire pocket monsters he is trying to collect, grow, and evolve, and we will now teach you how to help him achieve this goal in a new and exciting RPG game!

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With the starter Pokemon you choose, such as Pikachu, go out in the region and battle monsters in the wild collecting them in Pokeballs if defeated, and use them to battle other trainers, as you grow stronger, and your monsters do too, until you reach all the gym trainers and defeat them as well.

There are plenty of adventures to have along the way, so make sure to interact with as many characters as possible, speaking with them to find out things, buy new items, potions, and do damage repair to yourselves and to your monsters in the clinics. Use the keyboard controls just like shown.

Good luck, we wish you an amazing new adventure in this never-ending story, and make sure to tell your friends about the amazing games with Pokemon they can play here!

How to play?

Use the keyboard.

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