Viking Vs Orcs

Viking Vs Orcs

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Viking Vs Orcs
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Viking Vs Orcs Overview


Viking Vs Orcs is the latest action-adventure game online with fighting that we totally recommend to all the boys and men who visit us, as they should know already that we take great care of them and what they seek in the world of gaming, as this game with historical warriors and mythical monsters for them to defeat will also be doing!

Help Viking Vs Orcs in the bloody battle!

You keep each battle going until you die, which always happens, since each wave you defeat means another one is brought, and they keep increasing in their power as well as their numbers, and you are only one viking.

Get the gold you've stashed for slashing down the orcs, and use them in the shop to buy new weapons, stronger ones for your viking, and with the upgrades you should try to resist even longer. With the WASD keys or the arrows you move, with space you attack.

Keep achieving better stats in the enemies you defeat, the gold you make, and every other measurement, and see if you can defeat the orcs from all the locations they need to be attacked at!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and space.

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