Pokemon Platinum Version

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Pokemon Platinum Version
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What is Pokemon Platinum Version?

Pokemon Platinum Version

Pokemon Platinum Version is yet another entry to this ever-growing series of action-adventure RPG games series with monsters that fight, grow, live, and die. It is one of the most popular series in the entire world, so of course we are always pursuing more variety in it, and you can see right now why these games are worth your time!

Try the Platinum Version of Pokemon right now!

Twinleaf Town is where you begin your adventure, where Professor Rowan gives you your starter Pokemon, being able to choose out of three options, and then use them and the other ones you collect to beat other monsters and their trainers through the region known as Sinnoh.

Fight against Team Galactic, as well as collect original Pokemon including:

  • Palkia
  • Dialga
  • Giratina
  • Uxie
  • Azelf
  • and more...

The more you fight, the more your monsters evolve, and try to use the best ones against each other type they fight, such as water against fire, or vice-versa. There is a big world to explore, and all of the Pokemon await you to catch them, something we invite you to do by beating them in the turn-based battles!

Good luck, we wish you the best and hope that you stop and check out even more games from the category, you're bound to find even more to your liking!

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Use the keyboard.

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