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Dragon Ball Z Devolution

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Dragon Ball Z Devolution
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Dragon Ball Z Devolution Overview


Dragon Ball Z Devolution is a fan-made Goku fighting game online made as a tribute to Akira Toryama's original work and masterpiece that has fans all around the world, fans who will now take this Super Sayan hero in an 8-bit world will help him fight the various aliens and evil forces that are threatening Earth, where he is now living, and whose protector he has become, together with the Z Fighters!

Play Dragon Ball Z Devolution and help Goku save the world!

After completing your training with Master Roshi, you unlock the story mode, where you go through the whole DBZ story as Goku, although, in parts where he had been missing for one reason or another, you will assume other protagonist roles such as Gohan, Trunks, or even Vegeta!

Start off at the 23rd BUDOKAI, the biggest martial arts tournament on Earth, where you're fighting Piccolo!

How to fight with Goku in DBZ Devolution:

Move using the four arrow keys. Dashing in any of the four directions is done by pressing a directional arrow key twice in a row. To use attack moves, press X. Break the opponent's guard by combining a dash with an attack. To protect yourselves, press and hold C, which also charges up your Chi, which is the mana-like energy you use for special attacks.

When you've got enough Chi, hold X to shoot an energy ball at your opponent, and when you've got even more of it, use Goku's biggest attack: the KAMEHAMEHA!

Help hero Goku win all his fights!

To win the fights, deplete the enemy's health bar first, before they can do it to you, in which case they win, and for each fight, you need to win two out of three rounds to be victorious! Combine fighting moves as much as possible to deal a lot of damage on the foes, making sure to also implement defense for your own protection, and charge up Ki to use with special moves and attacks!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys and the C,X keys.

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