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What are Gumball Games?

Gumball games are based on the animated series "The Amazing World of Gumball". This series first appeared in 2011 and show us the world of animals that play the role of people. They describe exactly the life of a man, children go to school, adults each have a job, have a family, and many others in common. This series is created by Bocquelet for Cartoon Network. The city where the action takes place is called Elmore and the school where children are taught from the city is called Elmore High School.

Gumball Watterson is the main character in this series, he is a motto representing a normal boy. He goes to school in his town and has many friends, he has the ability, to run very quickly and get into trouble with everyone, including the school director, and his parents. He isn't too smart, but still likes a girl named Penny, but he doesn't know how to tell her what he feels. He is 12 years old but in his years he has had many stranger experiences and events. He has a brother and a sister, he understands his brother much better than his sister because he considers it annoying. We can notice that his brother is his best friend, he gets into all problems with him, but also resolved them just with him.

Darwin Watterson is Gumball's younger brother. At first, Darwin was just a pet, a fish, but he takes up his legs, and Gumball thinks him his brother. It's not the adventure that Darwin is not present if Gumball is there. is often very happy, and in time, he tries to have a smile on his face. He's a boy who wants to tell the truth all the time, but he's shy and Gumball always helps him face fear. It has very long legs, longer than Gumball's, and small hands. It always ensures that those around him are happy like him, different from Gumball he has a better relationship with his mother, the school director, and the rest of the people.

Anais Watterson Gumball's younger sister is probably the cleverest in this family. She is a pink rabbit and even if her older brother finds her annoying, she often helps him to solve problems, especially her homework or she prepares his food for school. She is only four years old, but for these years she is very smart, she knows to cook, play at the computer, and solve puzzles in just a few seconds. Anais does not have many friends but has a toy that she loves very much, calls Daisy the Donkey. Every time she makes a mistake, she has a very good excuse: she is just a child.

Nicole Watterson is Gumball's mother, he is a blue cat who knows everything. She is also the man in the family because her husband is not working and is very lazy. Even if they get angry with her children when they make some mistake, she loves them very much and takes great care of them. She wants to keep the family safe and provide them with all the comfort they need. When she is angry she is able to destroy the world because nothing can stop her.

Richard Watterson is the father of this family, he is a pink rabbit but much larger than Anais. Even if he is the father of this family, he is not responsible at all and is very lazy, he sleeps all day, and he has no job. His favorite activity is to eat and do nothing, and this is not a good example for his children. However, he too loves his family very much and wants them to be safe and comfortable as they need. He tried to find a job, but it's impossible for him.

Here on our site, you can experience some of Gumball's and his family's adventures, you can play with Gumball and his brother on the mission of escapes by a dinosaur, or you can play with all Gumball's family in a game where they fight for TV remote control, it's very funny. If you want to draw your favorite animated characters, no problem, we also have games where you have to draw these characters.

The Publisher's opinion about Gumball Games

I watched this series very much because I liked that everyone is different and they are animals that have the same purposes as humans. Even if Anais is very similar to her father that is, they are both pink rabbits, but they are very different. She is only four years old and she is very clever and he who is an adult eats and does nothing all day. And the Gumball with his mother is very different even if they are both blue cats. His mother is angry sometimes and is more responsive and Gumball is always after adventures and fun. Darwin is a child who likes to tell the truth, but he is very shameful when he is at school or somewhere between people.