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What are Finn and Jake Games?

Short film made ​​using characters Finn and Jake, had a huge success, with many hits on the internet and that is why the people at Cartoon Networks him over and gave birth drawings with Finn and Jake. These drawings were recommended for viewing with parental consent or with family. Because we know how much you like these designs you too, I got to hand Finn and Jake games. Just like designs, these games are based on the adventures of the two, and players can be part of a story absolutely amazing. Finn and Jake are best friends and live in the Land of Ooo, a land full of fictional characters and apocalyptic visions. The two know their secrets to each other and never separated, and now in our games and you can find them secrets and be with them in solving problems, along adventure. Finn is a boy of 12, who above all wants to become a hero, and Jake is his dog when he was a baby found in a forest by Finn's parents. Jake is wise and has a big heart, and with Finn, the two make a great team that can make you laugh to tears when they want to save lives and you start exploring dangerous islands. Finn is considered the last man and and the protagonist of the show, and Jake has magical powers, it can shrink to any shape or size, in short, are two extremely funny weird. Finn and Jake games, how sure are fun so interesting and exciting. Any player who likes adventure games and everyone wants to be a hero, these games are perfect for spending time at the computer without getting bored. Besides the two protagonists meet other strange and funny characters that we encounter in pictures, but in our games. Ice King, Marceline, Betty Gunter, Cake, Fiona, Princess Gumita are just some of the characters and we can tell by their name as the land they come from is an interesting and full of surprises. In this realm you will meet and you when you will play and you will see all the oddities and extravagances that surround it. In games with Finn and Jake, on our web site, you will have an adventure continues, as the two can not sit still and always put them in all sorts of things that end up becoming true adventures. Some are dangerous, you have to fight monsters and all sorts of strange creatures, some will be funny, you'll laugh you will not be able to stop or you'll go over all kinds of realms, with all sorts of stuff, which only Finn and Jake could invent. If you look at the two designs, sure you can imagine what those games and it is impossible not to want to be part of this world, shown in the drawing, which will definitely fascinated. You now have the opportunity to have fun with Finn and Jake and do everything they do and they, after all the only time I've admired and perhaps you wanted to be there and also to have some adventures. website has made this possible and give you the chance to become heroes in a strange world, fun, dangerous and exciting. Hopefully games to please you and you feel good when you play.