Adventure Time Bullet Jake

Adventure Time Bullet Jake

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Adventure Time Bullet Jake
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Adventure Time Bullet Jake Overview


We know that even after the series has stopped producing new episodes, Adventure Time is still on the minds of many people, and so are games with Finn and Jake online, which is why we never miss the opportunity to bring you more of them, just like it happens right now with the awesome shooting, skill, and arcade game known as Adventure Time Bullet Jake!

Fire Jake just like a bullet and go on a crazy adventure!

Jake is in a cannon that Finn is hanging on, and with the mouse you are going to move it up and down, holding the left mouse button down for power, and releasing it when it is the highest. The goal you have is to fly and shoot forward for a distance as big as possible, while also aiming and targeting the turtle because if you shoot it, you will get a big score.

Along the way you can pick up upgrade and bonus items that will help you, such as the bullet, a bonus that keeps you flying, or extra lives. When you tap on the screen while Jake flies, you can make him descend, so do that if he can bounce off from something, and you can keep going forward.

Good luck to everyone, we wish you the best, and hope to see you around some more because here is where all the best new games on the internet can be found!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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