Gum Dropped

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What is Gum Dropped?

Gum Dropped

Drawing, flying, and other elements are going to make one of our newest Gumball Games online be surely a hit from start to finish, something we invite you all to try out right now since we have just released the Gum Dropped for you all to enjoy, a game which you now get to play before anyone else!

Drop Gumball through the portals for a fresh adventure like none other!

You are going to use the mouse, dragging it on the screen to draw a line that will be converted on a trampoline for Gumball to jump on, so that Gumball can then bounce through the portals and get points in return. Some of the portals are different, as they are traps, so you should be very careful about them.

The spider known as Ocho will give you rewards if you keep them happy, but bouncing into him makes him angry, so you should be very careful not to let it happen! Aim to draw the lines in such a way that you also collect as many coins as possible, and don't let the characters fall three times and lose their three lives, or you lose the whole game.

We wish you all a good job, tons of fun, and we hope to see you around even more, because where else would you be playing the best games on the internet?

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How to play?

Use the mouse.