Elmore Extras

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What is Elmore Extras?

Elmore Extras

Elmore Extras is one of the best character creator games online that the Gumball Games category of our website has had so far, where you get to create various extra characters to appear in the backgrounds of stories featuring these Cartoon Network characters, so this is a great entry for all those of you here who are really creative!

Create Elmore Extras with the power of your imagination!

Start off by choosing your body structure as well as a color, with many figures resembling animals, fruits, or vegetables. You can then modify their mouth, nose, eyes, hair, facial hair, and you can dress them up with caps, glasses, footwear, or various other accessories.

Simply use the panel and buttons down below to modify your character however you see best, and we're sure that you will create really interesting ones and have tons of fun from start to finish!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.