Are you Gumball or Darwin?

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What is Are you Gumball or Darwin??

Are you Gumball or Darwin?
Are you Gumball or Darwin? is a new fun quiz game on our site. We invite you to discover which character from the Gumball world you fit best with, through six questions. Are you ready to find out?

During the game you will have to answer the following questions:
1.Now how would your friends describe you?
2.Who is the wisest?
3.Pick a cool sport to try
4.Pick your favorite food
5.How would you describe yourself?
6.What do you think of rainbows?
As soon as you have finished answering all these questions, Gumball does all the calculations to give you the answer to this questionnaire on the spot.

We hope you enjoyed this game and invite you to tell us in the comments which Gumball cartoon character you matched.

Enjoy it!

How to play?

use the mouse

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