Gumball | Dash`n`Dodge

Gumball | Dash`n`Dodge

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Gumball | Dash`n`Dodge
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Gumball | Dash`n`Dodge Overview

Dear children,
Come into the wonderful world of Gumball. The beloved characters can't wait to play Dash`n`Dodge with you. Come and help them guide them in the race that will take place to get out in the first place. Get ready to have an honorable adventure.

As soon as you press the Play button, Gumball invites you to choose a favorite character from the three to represent you in the race you will have to do. Think fast and start the adventure with your favorite characters as soon as possible. The game has no levels or time limit, because the more you manage to run, the better.

However, the game brings you a challenge, that of overcoming yourself. Not having a time limit or a limited number of levels, you will have to run the race as long as you can without the character hitting the obstacle. You will have to be very careful because, once the character is hit by the obstacle, the game will start there. But if you happen to be hit by an obstacle, it's a perfect time to run longer in the race than before.

We hope you enjoy this game, and we invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun.

How to play?

use the arrow keys

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