Gumball Character Creator

Gumball Character Creator

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Gumball Character Creator
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Gumball Character Creator Overview


Gumball on Cartoon Network is one of the best shows out there, and we know that one of the main reasons for that is because of the cast of colorful characters the show has. If you’ve been watching it a while, maybe you had the itch of creating your own character in the style of the series or are curious about how you would look if you were in that universe. Well, let your imagination run wild right now, with Gumball Character Creator.

To create your character the first step you go through is picking an image of things like socs, sweets, tree globes, and anything else there is available. You can adjust the image by moving it around, doing resizing on it, or even rotating it. Out of the image you are then going to use the mouse to cut the body of the character in the shape that you want it to have. You then select the other body parts, such as the mouth, ears, nose, eyes, hands, and legs.

Now that the character is done, you are going to use a name generator where you pick a television show, as well as other two things, and get a random name that will surely fit the character. Finally, save your creation to the gallery, where other people can see it and you can go to see other created characters, or you can download an image of it to show your family or friends.

It’s a great time to be creative with your favorite Cartoon Network show, so do it right now and have a blast!

How to play?

use your mouse to create the perfect character for you.

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