Home Alone Survival

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What is Home Alone Survival?

Home Alone Survival

When Gumball and Darwin are left at home by themselves, with no parents around, the two of them have to survive, and this is what you are here to help out with in an exciting new game based around the Cartoon Network show's episode with the same name, where we are confident you will be having tons of fun, just like we did with this game ourselves!

Darwin Vs Gumball, a home survival battle!

What is the apple of discord between the two? Well, food, of course, and we will now tell you how to get it, how to fight for it, and keep it away from Darwin's hands!

Go around the house and backyard using the arrow keys, pressing the Z key when you are next to bushes, or any other kinds of items so that you interact with them.

You are looking for items to create a tent, for starters, after which you look for food and other kinds of things that you need in order to survive this ordeal.

If you collect the necessary items, you can also build treasures chests, fires, game machines, a hospital, and various other buildings or structures, all to ensure your survival!

Be careful not to lose lives, and preserve your food rations for as long as possible. Good luck, start the fun, and stick around for more of it to come, only here!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, Z key.

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