Jump City Rescue

Jump City Rescue

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Jump City Rescue
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Jump City Rescue Overview


You are GUARANTEED to have lots of fun whenever you try out brand new Teen Titans GO Games online on our website, which is why our team is always delighted to share them with you all, just like we are doing at this moment when we invite you to have tons of fun with the game known as Jump City Rescue, where you and these trusty heroes need to save people all through their town!

Join the titans in saving their beloved home city!

There will be five mini-games all in one because each of the superheroes has gone their own way to deal with a different villain and problem since that is the only way that they can save as many people from the city as possible, so we hope that you are ready to give them all the help they need!

Of course, the first game features Robin as the protagonist, because he is the team's leader, and you have to go through the obstacle course, running and jumping over pits and obstacles, and you need to also beat down enemies when you encounter them while collecting tons and tons of coins.

Now, to move and jump you use the arrow keys, and to attack youse the spacebar, it is as simple as that. Good luck we wish you all, and we definitely hope to see more of you here, it would be a shame to miss out on our games!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, spacebar.

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