Gold Miner Jack

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What is Gold Miner Jack?

Gold Miner Jack

Let's join Gold Miner Jack for one of the best new underground adventures that you could possibly have on our website today, as this is an original game developed in-house by our team, of which we are very proud since we know that miner games online is a classic format that multiple generations cannot get tired of, and this game is surely going to also be quite a blast!

Let's go deep with Gold Miner Jack online!

In each level, you mine the ground to find enough gold, jewels, diamonds, and other precious stones so that you hit the target sum of money required from you to complete that level. You will control a hook that moves left and right by itself, and when you click or tap, it extends in that direction.

Aim to grab the gold or other rocks, small or big, but always go for bigger, because you have to reach the target before the time granted for it runs out on you. There is trash underneath, as well as other items that are not necessary at all, so make sure to avoid grabbing them, you're only wasting time.

Now that you've surely understood how easy and fun this game is, trying it right now should be a must, after which we invite you to see what other amazing content is going to follow here today for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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