Gold Digger FRVR

Gold Digger FRVR

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Gold Digger FRVR
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Gold Digger FRVR Overview


Become a Gold Digger in the FRVR world right now, with FRVR Games have always been some of the most fun but also highest-quality ones we've brought over for the website, so you should be ready for a fresh experience, and one better than most other gold digger games you might have played before it!

Let's dig for gold in FRVR!

You will use the arrow keys to move with the digger through the underground maze of the mines, where you can walk into rocks to mine them, you can push some boulders to create pressure points that explode, which in turn clear new ways, you can go up and down on stairs and platforms, and more.

Try digging and extracting as many types of rocks and diamonds, and the more you do it, you will also increase your number of gold coins, with which you can buy upgrades, tools, and equipment that will help your miner become better and faster because most rocks take a lot to be completely destroyed.

There are no requirements put on you, so you have to go around and explore the mines however you see fit, trying to dig and explore, just like the miners of the old have done!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

Game Walkthrough

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