Krunker: Lego Town

Krunker: Lego Town

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Krunker: Lego Town
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Krunker: Lego Town Overview


Lego Town has now been recreated in our series of Krunker Games io from FRVR Games, where you can now go out in the blocky world and have fun like never before, because you will be running, hiding, and, most importantly, shooting, an experience we are sure that all the boys, men also, that visit our website will be down for right now!

Play Krunker in Lego Town!

Despite the map looking childish, thanks to the blocks that it was made from, your goal remains the same as the other games in this franchise, which is to shoot down the other players that you meet on the map, making sure that they don't shoot you first, since everyone is aiming for the same thing, which is taking down the others and being the last one standing.

Move with WASD, use the spacebar to jump, shift to run, aim and shoot using the mouse, and press R to reload. The better you do with the kills you get in, the better weapons you can buy, so make sure to always upgrade! Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for even more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, shift key, and the mouse, R.

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