Gold Miner Challenge

Gold Miner Challenge

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Gold Miner Challenge
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Gold Miner Challenge Overview


The Gold Miner Challenge is here to show you once again why gold mining games online have always been a staple of browser gaming, but, even better, this is a game that you can experience in 2 players, something that really does not happen just every day, which is why you should quickly grab a friend or family member and show them what we've got, and have fun together!

Try taking on the Gold Miner Challenge in 2 players!

There are two sets of controls you need to know if playing the 2P mode, and we will now give them to you straight away:

  • Player 1 uses S to go down, G for bombs.
  • Player 2 uses Down arrow to go down, Up arrow for bombs.

Each player tries to get more gold, diamonds, and precious items from the ground than the other one, using the hook to go and catch them, and the bombs to explode rocks and obstacles out of the way to get to the riches. You can also do it solo, 1P, in which case you are trying to hit the targets required from you as a miner in each level.

Try reaching your goals before the time runs out, and avoid rats and other dangerous creatures that lurk underground. It's that simple, so feel free to begin right now, and don't stop for a second, since you never know what new games will appear today here for you all!

How to play?

P1: S, G.

P2: Down, Up.

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