Police Bike Stunt Race Game

Police Bike Stunt Race Game

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Police Bike Stunt Race Game
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Police Bike Stunt Race Game Overview


Police Bike Stunt Race Game is here to switch things up for both the motorcycle games category and the police games category, because you usually get to drive cop cars here, not bikes, but there are many officers that use them as their primary mode of transportation, and we believe they are even more fun than their four-wheeled counterparts, and right now we are positive you're going to have an absolute blast, just like we did!

Can you win the Stunt Race with the Police Bike?

Use WASD to drive, H to start the sirens, and press R to reset your bike in case you get stuck or crash. You begin by driving freely around the town, patroling, which is definitely something you can do as much as you want.

But, if you want more excitement, as you keep driving, at certain spots on the map there will be missions that appear for you to do, and you should accept them since they earn you coins.

With the coins, you earn you can unlock new bikes for your cop avatar to drive with. Race, protect citizens and other police, collect diamonds, do stunts, and do anything else the missions require of you.

It's all a blast, and there is not even one moment of boredom, so start right now, and enjoy your time as only here is made possible, day after day!

How to play?

Use the WASD Keys, R and H keys.

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