Monster Attack

Monster Attack

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Monster Attack
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Monster Attack Overview


Monster Attack is one of the few Red Hulk Games that you get to find here, with this version of the character is known more by fans of the comic book series, not the Marvel movies, but it is still the fan-favorite monster who can smash anything in his path, only this time in red. Get ready for some high-octane fun!

Help the Monster Attack all the baddies!

In various missions, each with their own levels, you go with the monster through the town and attack all the dangerous people, such as criminals, gangsters, or even super-villains, having to beat them up, gain coins in return for doing so, while being careful not to get killed yourself, or you lose the game.

With the coins you will earn you can unlock new skins for the Hulk, which not only look different but give him other powers as well. You will move with WASD, the mouse to attack, E to throw vehicles, and X to use your special attack.

This is just like the many amazing destroying games that we know you love a lot, but it features a red Hulk ready for fights any time, so you are in for an even better experience, which we invite you to start right now!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, E, X keys.

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