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What are Thor Games?

Play the best Thor Games online for free to help your superhero win battles against the forces of evil.

Thor Games is a must-have category for any gaming website that knows the importance of Marvel Games with superheroes since they are more popular than ever, and why would they not be, since the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the most popular movie franchise of all time, as it has managed to translate the fantastic characters first shown in comics, then adapted into animated series or television, now in the world of cinema, and one of the heroes at the center is none other than THE MIGHTY THOR!

Of course, it is pretty evident that you will find plenty of action and fighting games with Thor on this page because he might have supernatural abilities.

Still, they are more physical, such as being able to jump high and big distances, control the hammer in the air, let out thunder and electricity, and, of course, have super-strength, unlike you will see even on most superheroes.

When he is not solo, you can bet that he joins his Avengers family in their missions, where you will help Thor and his hero friends defeat whatever might threaten the Earth, the galaxy, or maybe the entirety of reality itself. Become the God of Thunder right now, only through these games, and don't hesitate to tell your friends about them too!