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What are Avengers Games?

Avengers Games are the most sought-after superhero games online for kids and adults alike, since Marvel Comics and the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is a franchise that is at the top of its popularity, with whole families of different ages coming together to watch their new blockbusters in cinemas, and nothing had come close in recent years to the financial success of the Avengers movies, in this order:

Why is that? Well, when it comes to the Marvel universe, in either comics, cartoons, or now film and television, this is the main team that protects Earth, and, as you've seen in those final movies, the entire universe, and reality, as it comprises together some of your favorite heroes, with a roaster of the team that is ever-changing and ever-evolving!

Captain America is the de-facto leader of the squad, a super soldier who fought in WW2, and had been frozen, has now return to modern day America, where he is once again protecting his country, and the world, from his classic villains such as Hydra. His friends also join him in defeating these villains with games like Avengers Hydra Dash, which we invite you to play as well!

His counterpart and sometimes rival is Iron Man, billionaire Tony Star who built a highly-advanced suit that allows him to fly, shoot, and use all sorts of powers, he was one of the key players in the Battle of New York against Loki and his minions, and also sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos. Help him defeat his own creation in Iron Man Rise of Ultron!

Thor is an alien god, who spawned the mythical legends about him we also have on Earth, he is tasked with protecting Asgard, his home, as well as other planets, he was banished to our planet, which resulted in him taking a liking to it and teaming up with the rest of the Avengers. Help him defeat bad aliens through the galaxy with Thor Boss Battles!

Known for smashing, The Incredible Hulk is the alter-ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, a huge humanoid monster in green, who is powerful, but very angry, which resulted from the exposure of the doctor to gamma rays. Help him save New York in the Chitauri Takedown!

Black Widow is the first female member of the team, a super spy who might not have any otherwordly powers, but she is a top fighter, strategist, and soldier, instrumental to the team in moments of distress. Let's dress up Black Widow online in Princess Super Spy!

Finally, from the core team, we've got Hawkeye, the sharpest shooter from SHIELD, a soldier and spy who specializes in shooting his bow and arrows, which have various powers themselves, who does his missions and then returns to his family life.

Through the franchise we've had many other members join the team, of which we would like to mention:

Try playing any of the Avengers Games online for free here, which have everything from strategy, to fighting, running, shooting, flying, as they're aimed to give you the chance to embody these characters and use their powers, which hopefully will make you be inspired to be a real-life superhero, in your own way!

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