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What are Iron Man Games?

Your favorite superheroes are right here on our website, and you dear kids can see that Iron Man is one of the most famous Marvel superheroes, which today need your help to start a new adventure with you guys, here on our website where we are going to prepare for you a very big series of games and movies that we are going to reveal shortly.

There's a new online Marvel series with the Iron Man in 2020 after all the Avengers series and all of the Iron Man movies that you have seen from Marvel. All you kids know that Tony Stark is the one who created the iron suit that any man could wear, but it's specially designed for him only, and that he started to protect the city of New York from all the dangers using the special suit that gives him special powers to fight crime.

Enter the world of the Iron Man SuperHero

The famous comic book creator Stan Lee, the boss of the Marvel comic books has created Iron Man, which is a fictional superhero, based on the life of a very wealthy and eccentric man, named Tony Stark. This man has enough money to do whatever he wants, but he has a deadline for doing all of that, because he is very sick, and he is almost dying from his disease. Tony Stark is the child of a very well known scientist named Anthony Stark, and when he was little the little boy helped his father through his projects, and so he also fell in love with science, which in the future self, helped him to stay alive until now, and make all of his money.

Tony Stark was a genius in rising, even though he was very sick, he started to invent all kinds of cool gadgets and was a very well name in the IT and robot industry through all of his work, and all of his military contracts with the government which brought him all of his billions of dollars through his company STARK. Being so smart, and having a very bad hard disease, Tony Stark started to think of his own project, which will be a device that maybe can work instead of his ill heart, so he started to develop nanodevices that are like little powerplants not bigger than a fist.

The time was running out on his life, so Tony Stark managed to build the device in time to save his life, even though he took a really big risk when he went under surgery to plant the STARK device in his chest, without thoroughly testing it to see if it will work and not kill him instantly. Being eccentric, Tony had faith in his work like always, so the device kept him alive, and even more, it made him faster, stronger and healthier than ever, and that made Tony feel alive again and start to make some really bad decisions in his life. Pepper is Tony's assistant which he falls in love with during each and every one of the Iron Man movies from MArvel, and she manages to get him back on track and stop him from throwing big parties and just getting drunk and making his company even bigger.

Once he calibrates his new mechanical heart, Tony manages to think of a really big project that nobody did before, even though any army would like to have it for their soldiers - an IRON SUIT with weapons, shields and an AI - artificial intelligence that will help the soldier that wears it be smarter, have faster responses to any danger, think faster about different solutions and even outcomes of their actions, and so Tony created Iron Man, which is a suit that is compatible only with his chest device, which makes it amazing but useless for any army that would like to make it as a mass weapon because only he has the blueprints for the chest device and for the Iron suit.

This is the beginning of the Iron Man story, which can be read through all the Marvel - Iron Man saga - comic books that are still being made with new stories, adventures and superhero missions that Tony Stark and his little army of iron suit warriors have to save America and not only, because in 2020, Iron Man had missions all around the world, and he did not stop there, as he is traveling through galaxies and different planets with the Avengers that you all know from the famous Marvel movie series.

Understand who Tony Stark is

The main character of the story is of course Iron Man - the iron suit that makes the person who wears it almost indestructible due to all the hard iron that was used, all the technologies and nano prints that you can find inside the suit, and even the ability for the Iron Man to fly using powerful thrusters that will be found in the bottom of his feet and even in the palms of his hand so that he can get into the air and start to use all the power of the suit to fly even faster than most army airplanes and rockets.

Since Tony Stark became Iron Man publicly, his life changed dramatically, because he is no longer seen as the eccentric billionaire and philanthropist, but a real hero that is risking his life to save other people in his fights and adventures against all the villains from the Marvel comics and movies. Tony created his first iron suit as he wanted, and even had a cool design that suits his personality, which is a little flashy and some say that he is one of the most arrogant men alive, and so you will see that most of the Iron Man suits are going to have a red and yellow paint that will make it stand out of a crowd.

Because the dangers and the enemies are always very dangerous, the suit gets broken, damaged, and even destroyed from a mission to another, and so Tony did not have enough time to repair it over and over, so he modified his laboratory at home in order to have as many suits as possible. Even though the original design of the Iron Man is very simple and looks amazing, Tony is still Tony, so he started to make different designs, with different cool features, colors, and patterns that you can find inside his laboratory, but the original one is still his favorite.

Tony has more than 100 suits in 2020, and he has more than 20 original Iron Man robotic suits that he wears when the one he is using gets too damaged to be repaired. He loves each and every one of his suits, and you will see that he is constantly upgrading them, adding new features, new weapons, and Jarvis, which is the AI - artificial intelligence that is controlling each and every one of the computers in Tony's house.