Iron Man: Last Stand

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What is Iron Man: Last Stand?

Iron Man: Last Stand

Iron Man: Last Stand is a really simple action shooting game online based on the first movie in this iconic Marvel franchise, where Iron Man is in the desert and needs your help to defeat his terrorist enemies who have quite some high-powered trucks, planes, tanks, and other vehicles.

Help Iron Man make his Last Stand!

As Iron Man flies forward, click to shoot projectiles, hold and release to make a rocket shot that is stronger, and use space to jump if you need to get enemies that are high up in the air, such as the airplanes.

Advance as forward as possible by defeating all the foes you encounter, getting points in return for each, and being careful not to lose your life instead, because you will lose the game.

Good luck, start right now, and make sure to share this game with your friends too, they might not have known about it, and they are surely going to love it also!

How to play?

Use the mouse and spacebar.

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