Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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What is Marvel: Ultimate Alliance?

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Ultimate Alliance is the fighting game published by Marvel in which you will meet all the superheroes of the 98s in an action game in which you will have to fight against robots, monsters, and even aliens.

For a start, you will need to know that all the forces of good are united in the game, and this alliance will make the fight against evil much easier because every superhero we have in the game will try to contribute what makes him most special. For starters, you should know that in this game we will meet: Spiderman, Wolverine, Iceman, Captain America, Blade, Deadpool, Thor, Elektra, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four. During the fights, you will be able to exchange the main characters in the game with each other so that you can finish the fight in the first place.

In the upper left, you will have a bar that will indicate the life of each superhero you have, and when you consider that a superhero has insufficient life, we recommend that you protect him and stop fighting him. Although the game is an older one, the action and adventure combine perfectly, and the superheroes of your childhood will prepare all kinds of surprises that will amaze you at every level.

How to play?

Arrow keys – MovementSpace – SelectEnter – Start“Z” key – a button“X” key – b button“S” key – r button“A” key – l button

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