Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight

Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight

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Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight
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Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight Overview


Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight is the new Marvel action game with superheroes to play! The Chitauri are invading Knowhere, and Star-Lord asked Captain Marvel for help! Let's take flight and defeat all the enemies surrounding the planet and stop their invasion!

Start the Galactic Flight with Captain Marvel!

Fly horizontally using the right and left arrow keys, and fly vertically using the up and down arrow keys. Fly through space to meet the enemies in battle. There will be alien spaceships, drones, cannons, and aliens themselves, in their flying machines.

When you are positioned in front of the targets, you shoot at them automatically with Captain Marvel's power. Defeat enemies until you fill-up the progress bar. Then, you meet the boss, and have to fight and take him down too!

The aliens attack you too! Don't get hit too much, but instead fly around to avoid their hits! If your health bar depletes, you lose. If you hover over the enemies before they die, you can absorb their powers. Any extra help is welcome!

Let's start the space fight right now, and stick around, since we've got more amazing surprises in store from Marvel Games!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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