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What are Deadpool Games?

Deadpool Games is another really nice game category that you totally have to be playing on our site because that is everything that you need to know. First of all, the really nice things that you could totally find over here are the ones that you would never lose faith in because that is how you could totally be doing it. Never let us go like that because Deadpool, our new super cool hero is going to be dealing with a lot of things that you would never let us go. Believe in the things that you could really find in here and never step on the wrong foot on this one because we are going to teach you everything that you need to know about our cool category. Make these situations that you really like to be done just fine and in no time because Deadpool is totally going to be moving so fast that you would never encounter him over here. Be the best because deadpool is the hero that you need over here. Well, it has come the time where we would tell you a lot more about this new category and everything that is going to happen to him. It is all about a character called Wade Wilson and its action is going to be put in New York. He was an ex marine officer so you have to know that he is really well trained. But now the things that he does is that he is a mercenary and he kills bad people for money. That is not a good thing but he is not good at all. Sometimes he just scares people in order to leave others and never stalk in different situations. One day he falls in love with Vanessa Carlysle and they are going to have a really nice time together because they are alike and no one could ever live without the other because they have a really nice bond together. It seems that one day Wade finds out that he has cancer so that is when he decides he must leave vanessa because he cannot see her suffer because of him. One day he meets this guy who tells him that he has the cure to all of his sickness, and he just has to sign something in order to go for the surgery. Wade is really funny and would make a lot of sarcastic stuff about everything that he meets around him. As he got there ne noticed that the things that happen over there are not good at all and the doctor was just about to make some experiments on him in order to make him a machine, but he manages somehow to distract him one day because of his suffering. In order to get the disease out he has to be put through a lot of suffering but he definitely does not enjoy it but in the end he is forced to do it. It seems that after an accident in there and the doctor tried to kill him because he is a mutant as well and he has the power of not to feel any pain, he ends up almost dead but it seems that they are going to be making the things that he does not want. Everyone thought he was dead because the house crashed on him, but his powers seem to be the ones of immortality and he would regenerate all the time. After he got out of there all he wanted was to get his revenge so he goes to his friend at the bar where they did all the bounty hunting. They named him Deadpool from the pool where all the dead people where listed. He was to become the best and he started to hunt for the ones that made him suffer really much and he could never be put as he was before. He ends up staying with this old lady who is blind so she does never see him as he is in there. He starts searching and getting evidence of the ones that made him like that. We are sure that you could imagine how that ended, he got to kill a lot of people and the mutants were just about to get him too because these x-men could not let him do more of these awful stuff. Start feeling like deadpool and make him get back to his girlfriend but he cannot do such a thing because of his looks. In the end he has to because the evil characters have captured Vanessa and he needs to make everything that he can in order to get her back and kill everyone. We are sure that you would really like our super cool category and that you could make the things that you like really much over and over again. Good luck.