Iron Man 2: Iron Attack

Iron Man 2: Iron Attack

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Iron Man 2: Iron Attack
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Iron Man 2: Iron Attack Overview


In Iron Man 2: Iron Attack, the armor technology was stolen by foreign agencies, so now Iron Man, or War Machine, depending on what hero you pick, you need to use their costumes and their abilities to destroy the enemies, something we will now teach you how to do, so you can begin having all this fun right away!

Stop the Iron Attack from Iron Man 2 online!

After choosing your hero, do your best to fly and shoot down all the suits you encounter, without letting them hit you and deplete your health bar instead. Use the arrow keys for flying, and press space to shoot, holding it down to use a super shot, if you have enough power in the ark reactor to do it.

It's that simple, straightforward, and exciting, so feel free to begin right now, only here, after which our team invites you to see what other great games this category already has!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

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