Hero 2 Super Kick

Hero 2 Super Kick

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Hero 2 Super Kick
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Hero 2 Super Kick Overview


Hero 2 Super Kick is a new action and fighting game in 3D featuring a blue-skinned Hulk as the character that you will embody, and you should definitely enjoy this kind of experience right now, since similar games in the past have been well-received as well, and it can only be even more true when it features one of the world's best comic book heroes!

Throw Super Kicks with Hero 2 online!

There will be waves of enemies in each level that you have to punch and kick, you have to jump from buildings to find them and eliminate them all, and even take care of snipers on roofs that are shooting at you all the time. When you have defeated all the required targets, the level will have been cleared.

Make sure not to let the enemies hit you too many times, because if your health bar ends up getting depleted, you lose and have to start again from scratch.

Move with WASD, look around with the mouse, jump with space, run with shift, use the L mouse button to punch and throw enemies, R mouse button for cotton, use the mouse wheel for a circular kick, E for a leg kick, and F to grab enemies.

Now that the basics have been laid out for you all, start the rampage right now, and smash everything in your path!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, space, shift, L, R, E, and F keys.



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