Spider-Man And X-Men: Arcades Revenge

Spider-Man And X-Men: Arcades Revenge

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Spider-Man And X-Men: Arcades Revenge
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Spider-Man And X-Men: Arcades Revenge Overview


We will always welcome a Marvel superhero team-up between Spider-Man and the X-Men, heroes who have always collaborated very well in the comics when the world needed saving, and you can now make that true as well in an online game, a retro console game that is now emulated on our website directly, for you to easily have fun with it anywhere and anytime!

Stop Arcade's Revenge with Spider-Man and X-Men!

Arcade is the supervillain that has managed to kidnap Wolverine and Storm into New York City's trash truck chimney, which is something that Spidey saw, enabling him to go and save his mutant friends. When going to save them, Arcade trapped our hero and other X-men in a virtual simulated world like a game, where robots and evil beings lurk at every step, and they need to be defeated!

Go around through all the stages, defeat the enemies you encounter without losing your health bar and then your three lives, since that means losing, and earn a score as big as possible by defeating as many enemies as you can.

Move with the arrows, jump with X, use a web attack with S, and use the web to fly with Z. Your new superhero adventure awaits you right now, and it's lots of fun, guaranteed, so what are you waiting for?

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X, S keys.

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