Superman Games

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What are Superman Games?

Do you like Superman? Play the best Superman Games online for free to help our superhero fight the forces of evil and save the city.

Among the most played games with Superman is the game Superman Returns in which you will have to fly with Superman and try to help people who need your help. Don't hesitate to activate the laser in your eyes or even fly to get to the people who are in danger faster.

The Story of Superman Games

From a young age, his new parents noticed that this alien boy they named Clark Kent, and now raise as their son, had superpowers, such as the ability to fly, shoot laser beams out of his eyes, super-strength and speed, X-ray vision, and more powers that he is to discover through his life. When he becomes an adult, Clark moves to Metropolis to work as a reporter, where he also lives a double life as Superman, rescuing people whenever needed.

When he is in his Clark persona, he wears glasses and intentionally speaks with less confidence or worsens his posture, making him smaller. However, when he puts on his blue spanks, red cape, and top with the S symbol on it, he is tall and powerful, wears no glasses, and presents himself as the world’s most powerful hero, which he definitely is.

You can play many Superman Games online here on We will try to update this category as fast as we can with new games. All these online games with Superman are for free, and you can play many of them directly from your mobile or tablet.