Lego Spiderman Adventure

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What is Lego Spiderman Adventure?

Lego Spiderman Adventure

Come have a superhero adventure with Lego Spiderman, as you've never seen him in this blocky state before, which is precisely why this game will be unique, fresh, and as is always the case with those from his category, lots of fun from start to finish. Not playing it is not a viable option, believe us!

Go on an adventure with Lego Spiderman!

As the hero runs through the city of New York, helps him collect coins to increase his score, but also various power-ups such as the car that makes him go faster, or the magnet that helps him draw more coins towards him.

When you need to jump over obstacles, pits, or traps, click on the jump button, and when you see enemies such as the Green Goblin in front of you, click on a shoot to take them out with your spider webs.

You can go on for as long as you can if you defeat the enemies along the way and not get bogged down by dangers. Good luck, have fun, and invite your friends to check out our amazing content too, they will love it here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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