Spidy Soccer

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What is Spidy Soccer?

Spidy Soccer

Spidy Soccer is one of the few football games online with Spiderman to have been added to our website, which is even more reason for you to give it a chance and enjoy it to the fullest, as you can bet only here you can. Superheroes and sports have many things in common, so playing the world's most popular sport with the web-slinger, the most iconic hero is going to be an experience all boys will surely really appreciate!

Play Soccer with Spidey!

Instead of being a penalty game, as you might have expected, this is a full football game in 3D, one where your whole team is made out of Spider-Men, all players having the same suit on them.

As with the real sport, give your best to score more goals than the opposing team before the time granted for the match runs out, advance to the next game in the brackets, and give your best to win the cup!

Use the arrow keys for moving, Z to pass and defend, and X to kick the ball. Now you've got all the info you would need to give the game your best, so do it right now, enjoy it, and make sure to tell your friends about it as well!

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How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X keys.