Super Buddy Kick 2

21.05.2022 3.240 120 votes

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What is Super Buddy Kick 2?

Super Buddy Kick 2

Kick Super Buddy once again with the much-awaited sequel we are now happy to present to you all here free of charge, knowing full well how much you enjoy these previous destroying games, where instead of wrecking up a city, you are doing it with a test dummy doll called Buddy!

Super Buddy Kick 2: more kicking, more fun!

Use the mouse on a PC, the finger on mobile devices to touch Buddy's head, body, arms, or legs and punch him, and when you have weapons available, use them to shoot, hit, cut him, or many more actions. The more damage you do to the doll, the more coins you earn in return, which allow you to buy cooler and more powerful weapons.

When you kill your buddy, he evolves to be more endurant, but you should also be able to become more skilled and use the weapons and objects you've purchased to inflict more damage on him. Start right now, have the best time possible, and make sure to invite your friends here to have fun with him too!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.