Soccer League

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Soccer League
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What is Soccer League?

Soccer League

Soccer League is not the kind of football game online in 3D that you are used to playing on our website, and we're saying this because we're talking about a game that is played with cars, not with humanoid soccer players, which takes this experience to a whole new level, one we are definitely excited for you to try out, knowing just how much fun we had with it ourselves!

Can you be the champion of the Soccer League?

Hone your skills in the Quick Play mode, where there is only one match, and later on, try your hand at the League, where you try to beat multiple teams to take the first spot and become the winner.

You choose how many minutes the game takes, the mode, as well as the number of bots. Use WASD to steer, shift for nitro, and space to jump.

Other than that, the rules are just like with real-life football, where you need to score more goals than the opposing team before the time granted for the match runs out, or else they win if it is not a draw.

As you win matches you can buy new cars in the garage, or customize and upgrade them to make them better. Are you up for it? We're sure you are, and you will enjoy yourself a whole lot!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, shift, and space.



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