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What are FIFA Games?

FIFA Games was a much-needed new category of football games online for our team to create here, since we are always trying to make sure that our website is a cohesive experience for fans of gaming, many of whom know that the FIFA Games series from EA Sports is one of the most popular, if not the most, as Pro Evolution Soccer had not made such big waves during the years, and we now have here games based on it, but, even more so, we have games based on the tournaments that the association makes.

What is FIFA? It stands for International Association Football Federation, but in French, which is the governing body over football matches and tournaments all across the world.

The first of which we have to mention comes at a soccer club level, and that is the Champions League, which features the top teams from every European League fighting to be the best team in the continent, as well as the Europa League, which features the second-best teams, which all qualify by rankings in their countries, with some of the most notable series being all from UEFA, which are:

Of course, the most notable tournament that the company sets up is the FIFA World Cup, which features national teams from teams all across the world competing to be the top country in the world at football/soccer, and it takes place every four years, while the closest second tournament is the European Championship, or Euro Cup, where the best national teams from Europe compete.

Through many of these competitions, they are knock-off tournaments, meaning that you have to win to get to the next round until the finals, and one of the ways that this is sometimes decided, after the normal running time, is through penalty shootouts, so check out some of the Penalty Games we've got here meant to recreate that really exciting and high-pressure experience!

Maybe you don't know about players such as Messi or Ronaldo, but are generally interested in the sport, but know cartoon characters better, and would like to experience something like that. Well, now that is possible through highlights of our website such as the Cartoon Network Toon Cup Games, which appear every year when one of these tournaments takes place, and you can represent the national teams who take part in the cups but with CN characters.

Of course, we invite you to visit the larger-than-life Football Games category to find everything that is on this page and much more, and make sure to tell your friends to come over as well, since there is no better place where they will find these, we guarantee, as with any other sports games categories and others!