Super Kick 3D World Cup

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What is Super Kick 3D World Cup?

Super Kick 3D World Cup

Our team is always eager to provide you all with new football games online in 3D to play, even more so when they feature the theme of the World Cup, the world's biggest and most popular sports competition, and the game having a hypercasual feel and format to it will only make it better, as we're sure you will get straight into it and have a blast!

Win the World Cup in Super Kick 3D online!

Drag the mouse toward the direction you want to shoot, and then release, and get the ball to enter the net, past the goalkeeper, who, yes, is a man in a suit, making this quite funny, but also try to shoot the ball into the golden coins on the field, collecting them to buy new skins and footballs with them.

Each new level has the same goal for you to accomplish, pun intended, but it gets more difficult, with more defenses and obstacles between you and the net, so find the best angle to overcome them and get your shots in, and your victory of the World Cup! Enjoy, start here, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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