Pill Soccer

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What is Pill Soccer?

Pill Soccer

Pill Soccer is going to be one of the best new football games online you HAVE to play here on our website if soccer games online are your style, even if they are quite different from what you are used to since that is definitely the case with this amazing game where the soccer players have the form of a pill, which is going to change the experience quite a lot, in a good way!

Let's play Pill Soccer online!

If you choose to play in the 2-player mode, which is quite exciting, the two players control their pill avatars using the WASD keys and the ARROWS, with them fighting to get the ball and shoot it into the net of the other player, and the player that scores more goals before the match is done, wins.

Aim to achieve the same thing in the quick match mode, where you have one single face-off, or you can get a row of progressively more difficult football fights in the tournament mode, where you aim to win the whole competition by reaching the finals and beating the team there.

It's all that simple and fun, so now that you have been made aware of everything, from goals to controls, get the fun started, and stick around, since more is to come, only here, guaranteed!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD and the ARROW keys.

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