Magic Soccer

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What is Magic Soccer?

Magic Soccer

Playing Magic Soccer online is not something that you can say you have gotten to do every day in the world of internet gaming, which is why our team is very happy that right at this moment such a game can be shared with you all, where we've already had a blast, and so will you, kicking the ball with magic!

Let's play Magic Soccer online!

The game is a puzzle shooting game where you shoot balls, which are floating around, and you drag on them with the mouse or finger, backward toward where you want to shoot them and release them when you want to make the shot. The more you drag, the bigger the power of your shot.

You will have agents in suits placed in various spots, and with the limited number of balls, you get you to need to shoot down all of them if you are to win, simple as that! If you fail, just try again, and think up a better route to shoot the ball at. Let's start right now, only here, and don't stop for a second, since we've got more great games in the works!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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