Penalty Champs 21

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Penalty Champs 21
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What is Penalty Champs 21?

Penalty Champs 21

When it comes to the football games online for free you get to play on our website, few are as good as penalty shooting games online are, which is why we make sure to bring you only the best of them, something that is going to be true right now and here with the awesome addition of the game called Penalty Champs 21.

How to become a penalty kick master and champion!

You will be able to play either in the group stages, where you have to defeat all the other teams and advance all the way up to the finals, or you can skip the group stages and just play one-off matches against the other team. Pick a national team you like, and the other ones are controlled by the computer.

If you are shooting, use the mouse to choose the direction, height, and speed of your shot, and if all these parameters are good, you will score a goal, and scoring more goals than the goalkeeper can defend will bring you victory!

Become the best goalkeeper ever!

Yes, this game also gives you the chance to be on the other side of the shot, as the goalkeeper, and to defend the penalty kicks you will use the mouse to click on the target that appears in the goal when your opponent shoots, and hopefully you defend more than they can score.

Good luck, have fun like only here is possible, and stick around to see what other amazing sports games can be found here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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