Penalty Shooters 3

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Penalty Shooters 3
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What is Penalty Shooters 3?

Penalty Shooters 3

Penalty Shooters 3 is finally here, after the first two had been already received very well by you all, as we've seen, and how soccer games 3D for mobile devices usually are, with us inviting you to play this no matter what platform you are doing it usually, since it is a blast, and it will help you become either a great striker, a tremendous goalkeeper, or both!

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You will take turns being both a striker who shoots the ball, in which case you swipe where you want to shoot and hope to get it into the net, and a goalkeeper who defends the ball from the opponent, in which case you will tap where you think the ball is going to stop it from entering the net.

You have five basic tries to get more goals in than the rival team and win the match, or the tier challenge, which means advancing to the next level, you should know that finishing lots of them will eventually unlock the World Cup, which means an even bigger challenge, but more fun to be had too.

You earn coins, unlock new teams to use, and new players to become, and we hope to see you become a penalty champion, and then play even more football games 3D on our website!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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