Penalty Kick Wiz

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What is Penalty Kick Wiz?

Penalty Kick Wiz

We now challenge you to become a Penalty Kick Wiz in what is clearly one of the best penalty shooting games online from the football games category of our website, which our team really loved playing ourselves, just like we are sure will be the case for you too, otherwise, we would not have brought it over for anything in the world!

Become a Penalty Kick Wiz online!

When you're shooting, the target moves around the gate, and when you click and release, you are going to make your shot. If it gets in the net, you score. Then, when you take on the role of goalkeeper, use the mouse to click where you think the ball is going, and tap to jump in that direction.

It is a penalty shootout, meaning that you have to give your best to shoot and score more goals than the other side to win the match. Pick a national team you want to represent for this and begin the game right away, having fun as only here is possible, where we have the best soccer games on the internet, which we also invite you to check out!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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