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What are Penalty Games?

Penalty Games are so popular when it comes to football games, for which we already have a full-fledged category, that we thought it would be best to have a separate page for them, a page on which you find yourself right now, and if it is this really exciting part of the sport that you love the most, this is the perfect page of sports games online for you!

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A penalty shot is awarded in a soccer match when a fault or a hand touch has been made in the penalty box, after which it is named. When that happens, the members of the other team get a free shot from a point 11 meters from the gate, which can almost be something like a free goal.

Why are we saying this? Well, it is a fight between the striker and the goalkeeper only, with nothing else between the two, so a really good football player will take that shot and put it in the net, but you never know when he can make a mistake, or you've got a focused goalkeeper that can make a fabulous save.

Penalty kicks have won and lost matches all in a single second, and when there is a match where one team needs to advance to the next round, and the two extra half-times have been played, if they are still at an equal number of goals, there is a round of five penalty kicks per team to determine the winner.

If you're playing a penalty shooting game where you are the striker, you usually swipe in the direction you want to send the ball towards, and if you're playing a goalkeeper game with penalties, you will usually tap or click where you want to jump in hopes of catching the ball.

It is as simple as that, and through this amazing category, you have the chance of hitting these shots with your favorite real-life players, such as Messi or Ronaldo, or even do crazier stunts and shots with fictional players or characters, maybe even play penalty games 2 player where one of you shoots and the other one defends, in turns.

We wish you all the best through this category, which is always filled with amazing content, and make sure to visit its big brother category, or even the one with all the sports, to keep the excitement going!