Llama League

Llama League

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Llama League
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Llama League Overview


We hope you did not think that the Shaun the Sheep Games category of our website didn't have more to offer, since that is far from being the case, just like we're intent on proving to you right now when we invite you to play the game called Llama League, where the sheep have thought it's a great time to play some soccer, and you should be glad they invite you to the fun with them!

Play football with sheep, having fun as you can never have with human soccer players!

First things first, know that this game can be played in two, where you compete against another player using the same computer, which is the most fun way to play this game, but if that is not possible, try the 1P survival mode and try to win against the computer!

Of course, if you chose 2P, each of you picks their sheep to start off, and before the time of the match runs out, try your best to score more goals than the other player!

To control your sheep, Player 1 uses the Z and X keys, while Player 2 will use the U and I keys. Good luck to both of you, have fun like only with our games is possible, and check out all the other cool new games we've got planned for you today!

How to play?

Use the Z, X, U, I keys.

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