Car Ball 3D

Car Ball 3D

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Car Ball 3D
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Car Ball 3D Overview


Car Ball 3D will once again show why so many football games with cars have become popular on the internet, and because there are so many, we're now bringing you one of the best ones to have appeared on the internet, where you will combine two really popular things among men and boys, cars and soccer, resulting in the time of your lives!

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Firstly, get to know your controls, as you use A and D to move, the W key to jump, and hold it longer if you want to fly. You've got joystick controls that imitate these for mobile players.

You get on the soccer field with other cars, and you have to drive so that you hit into the balls that are also thrown there, and shoot them up into the giant nets all around the arena.

The goal, pun intended, is to use this method to score as many goals as possible, as you and the other players will be ranked upon who scored the most, and we hope that it will be you so that you win.

What you get to win are new cars that you can drive, which become faster and better at flying the more expensive they get, as well as unlocking new types of balls to play car football with.

There will be mayhem on the field, with everyone using their cars to the most of their speed, so make sure you do the same, and win by scoring more, simple as that!

How to play?

Use WAD, space.

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