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Monkey Kick

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Monkey Kick
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Monkey Kick Overview


Monkey Kick is a very special sports and football game online. Yes, because you're kicking balls with monkeys, and these animals will always make a game better than it could be without them. Don't trust us? Let us show you right now and here!

Throw the biggest Monkey Kick online!

Your monkey is given the ball, and it will do kick-ups by themselves. At any moment you want them to shoot the ball and kick it forward, click on the screen, or press any key on the keyboard.

Distance is the goal, not a net!

The goal you have is to shoot the ball really far and make it move a lot of meters. Try to beat your own high score each time you shoot it. To get a great kick, find the right moment to hit the ball.

Can you reach Monkey Village?

That one will be your ultimate goal, but before that, there's more. You start in a forest, and if you hit your ball far enough, you can even get it to the desert. See how many other places you can visit with your ball! Kick it!

How to play?

Use the mouse or any key on the keyboard.

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