Monster Soccer 3D

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What is Monster Soccer 3D?

Monster Soccer 3D

Monster Soccer 3D is not only one of the best new football games in 2 players to have been added on our website so far, but it also brings an element of originality thanks to the fact that the players you control do not look anything like real-life soccer players you know and love, mainly because these ones are monsters with funny bodies and faces, in various colors.

Become a monster soccer player right now!

From the main menu you have to choose between the 1P and 2P mode, definitely recommending the two-player mode, since it's more fun, and in this case, the two people playing against one another will use the following keys:

  • Player 1: ARROWS to move, L to hit.
  • Player 2: WASD to move, G to hit.

Choose the design of your monster, and then you are put on the pitch, where you have to take the ball and score more goals than the other monster before the time of the match runs out to win, just like in real soccer, only the monsters move quite difficult and funny, so it will pose quite a challenge.

The most fun gaming experiences are the most simple ones, even better when they're also funny, so start right now, and leave us your opinions in the comments, we can't wait to hear from you!

How to play?

  • P1: ARROWS to move, L to hit.
  • P2: WASD to move, G to hit.

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