Football Legends 2016

Football Legends 2016

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 Football Legends 2016
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Football Legends 2016 Overview


Football Legends 2016 is another new game that we added today in this 2-Player Games category and we hope you will like this game and you will play this game. This game can be played in two modes, by one player or by two players. If you want to play in the 2-player mode you have to be on the same computer 2 people and this is a good thing when a friend is coming at you and you do not have what to do.

This game, like most of them in this category, has background sound and you can turn it off if you do not like the sound or if it messes you up. In the single-player, you will play with the computer you will move using the arrow keys and you will shoot the ball using the X, and Z keys. In the 2-player mode, one of you will use the arrow keys and the Z, X to shoot the ball and the other one will use the W, A,S,D keys to move and the K, L keys to shoot the ball. After you choose the mode, the game will begin and if you see, it in the background you will have an audience if you give a good shot and the ball goes into the enemy's gate, they will cheer you.

In the beginning, you can choose what team you want to play and between the characters who play in that team, you will have to choose. If the enemy gives you a good shot and the ball enters the gate, your character will start to cry. This game is funny because the characters in the game do not look the same as in real life, in the game, they have a head bigger than the body. Good luck and be careful at the time!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, the W,A,S,D,Z,X,V,B keys.

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